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Name Piotr Jamróz


Sex Male



e-mail piotr.jamroz@pwr.wroc.pl


Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Metallurgy of Rare Elements (Analytical Chemistry Division). PhD in Chemistry. Adviser: Prof. Wieslaw Żyrnicki. Specialization: atomic and molecular spectroscopy, plasma chemistry and physics, analytical chemistry, surface and materials engineering.
1998 Wroclaw University of Technology, Chemistry Department. MSc in Chemistry, Specialization: analytical chemistry.
Technical college (Wroclaw). Specialization: analytical chemistry and chemistry of surfactants.
Training course and postgraduate studies

Supplementary studies at Wyzsza Szkola Humanistyczna in Wroclaw - "Energy audit and certification"


Supplementary studies at University of Management "EDUKACJA" in Wroclaw - "Public Relations"

Awards and achievements
Research and development Grant (Polish State Committee for Scientific Research
First class honors in Chemistry degree
Awards of Dean of Chemistry Department of Wroclaw University of Technology for academic record
Scholarship of the Wroclaw University of Technology
Finalist of the XXXIX Chemistry Olympiad
Computers skills
Windows 9x/2000/NT/Me/XP, DOS, Unix, Linux, MS Office (proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MS Project, Paint Shop Pro, Statistica, Statgraf, SigmaPlot, Grams/32, Microcal Origin, web page programming (html, css, php), technical and scientific database, scientific software, SPC.
mountain biking, web programming, mountain hiking, archeology of ancient civilization, kitesurfing

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