Dr. Piotr Jamroz
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Dr. Piotr Jamrůz

e-mail: piotr.jamroz@pwr.wroc.pl

Analytical Chemistry Group
Chemistry Department
Wroclaw University of Technology
Wyb. St. Wyspianskiego 27
50-370 Wroclaw, Poland



My research interests are related to generation and diagnostics of different kinds of plasma sources, including microwave induced plasma (MIP), atmospheric pressure glow discharge (APGD), dielectric barrier discharge and various microplasmas, in addition to applications of these excitation sources in analytical atomic and molecular spectrometry, nanotechnology, biomedycine and environmental and materials engineering.


PhD degree in Chemistry (June 2003), Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Metallurgy of Rare Elements, Analytical Chemistry Division - "Spectral diagnostics of glow discharge in the reactive mixtures containing nitrogen and IV group of elements" (Polish version).

MSc in Chemistry (September 1998), Wroclaw University of Technology, Chemistry Department - "Application of optical actinometry methods for the diagnostics of alternating current glow discharges in the reactive gases" (Polish version).

Technical Collage, Wroclaw - "Synthesis and characterization of surfactans (derivative of sulfonate nonylphenol)" - Polish version


  • Analytical Chemistry I
  • Analytical Chemistry II (Physicochemical analysis)
  • Trace Analysis
  • Analytical Chemistry (for Materials Engineering students)
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
  • Food analysis
  • Analytical Atomic Spectrometry
  • General Spectroscopy


  • Chemical analysis
  • Analytical performance of different atmospheric pressure plasma sources
  • Atmoshepric pressure glow discharge, APGD
  • Microwave induced plasma (MIP)
  • Microplasmas
  • MIniaturized plasma sources system
  • Plasmas generated in contact with liquid
  • Chemical vapor generation CVG
  • Photochemical Vapour generation photo-CVG
  • Food analysis
  • Nanoparticles synthesis
  • Hazardous materials decomposition
  • Analysis and testing of thin layers and materials


Analytical chemistry, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, miniaturized plasma sources, analytical atomic and molecular spectrometry, chemical vapor generation, plasma diagnostics, miniaturization of plasma sources, food analysis, analytical and technological plasmas, microplasma sources, structure of diatomic molecules, study of plasma physico-chemistry processes, properties and structure of thin layers and materials, plasma chemistry, surface and materials engineering


Computer, computer network, archeology of ancient civilization, sport (tennis, basketball), mountain trekking, cycling, environmental protection, search engine optimization (SEO), good music, etc.


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